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A bonus offer for new players can look as follows: 100% bonus up to $ 500. The first number means how much is added to your first deposit as a bonus. At 100%, so this is again the same amount. You pay a $ 150, then you will receive $ 300 as a bonus gift. With a 200% bonus you would get paid even $ 450. The second number indicates how much is the maximum bonus.

The bonus as in the above example $ 500 limited, then there are few reasons to deposit more money. An exception may be if you are a very good poker player and you transferees your bankroll by another poker site.

Bonus offers for existing players are usually less attractive. Many poker sites offer at irregular intervals to such promotions. Clever marketing specialists even offer such a so-called reload bonus of only those players who have not played actively for a long time and their credit is low. Overall, there is little good news for existing players that new players get the better deals.

But ultimately you have even the first application can benefit from such a bonus once. In addition, many players for profit in other ways. Poker sites usually offer of rewards. This can egg be an entry into a online poker tournament or a secure electronic items such as an Apple product.

To be able to redeem rewards such, one must go through regular games VIP Points (the name of the points can vary from room to room) earn. The higher the rake generated, the more bonus points you collect. More rake, so revenue for the poker site that is achieved as a player, if you play on multiple tables at the same time, longer sits on your PC or gambles on higher limits.

To get back to the criteria mentioned above. In the choice of poker bonuses should make sure that the required deposit is located in the area where they wanted to play anyway. So as a new player you should not pay more money just because a bonus offer is very tempting. In addition, you should read through the playing conditions exactly.

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