In the last two cases, any come bet only if the corresponding number is rolled (he wins his bet) or a 7. (He loses) If your come bet won or Lost or has been moved to a place bet box, do not place another come bet, so your bet on different outcomes can have running simultaneously.

You pass line is still considered a come bet bet. That means it can happen that you can win on a 7, you lose while pass line. Come bet If the shooter rolls 7 on your 2nd and your come bet has already come bet in a place bet box down, lose that last pass with the 1st live bet and the win.

If the shooter rolls any other number (4, 5, 6, 9 or 10) keeps your pass line bet and apply your come bet
is moved carbonate place the bet box for that number. Your come bet now only applies if that number is
rolled (he wins) or a 7. (He loses)

If your come bet moves to a place bet box and you put another come bet, both received the original come bet the pass line bet and lose the shooter rolls 7, but the 2nd come bet wins then. By placing a multiple on come bets you increase the number of results that your can win, especially if the shooter is in good form during the game.

In addition, you can set odds bets on the come bet, just like your at a pass can do so that your line can significantly increase profits. However, you have a come bet placed, you may remember that the next roll (for this deployment) counts as a come-out.

Although most players bet on the shooter, there are also people who bet against the shooter. That means
that in order to start a do not pass line bet is done in the same way as the players do a pass line bet. If
you don't make a pass line bet, you win the exact opposite of the pass line bet. This is another form of betting for pass line bettors and it works the same way. After the come-out roll keeps your pass line bet lie where he is and you make an additional bet on the come line. The next roll of the float stones than this come bet considered a come-out roll, so he stands apart from the pass line bet.

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