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Like all other card games, blackjack has also rules you should know. Although many game enthusiasts are of the opinion that the online Blackjack rules and the traditional rules are rather simple, it is important not to ignore this, it could have bad effects on your wallet! So, it is important that you become familiar with the rules of blackjack and then play the game adventures.

The goal in blackjack is to achieve a hand that is closer to the sum of 21, as to exceed the dealer's hand, without the 21st The hand is played against the dealer, that is, all the other players at the table have no impact on your bottom line.

Additionally, it is not that the dealer's cards are placed face up on the table, these are the rules for the dealer clearly defined when he still has to draw a card and when. , the value of the cards is a significant factor in the game of blackjack .

The cards 2-10 have your card value, the face cards (jack, queen and king) are worth 10 points and the Ace worth either one or 11 points (depending on the card situation). A normal deck of cards consists of 52 cards which are divided into four different colors: Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs. It may happen that two or even several decks for a simple blackjack game can be used. The card value of the player hand is calculated by adding up the points cards.

Once all bets are placed, each player is dealt two cards are dealt. The online casino game starts with the first player left of the dealer. Each player takes a turn, tells the dealer how he wishes to continue with the game. Once the first round has been played, the dealer deals himself from a card. When the game is over, the dealer pays the winner of each match win and collected the bets one of the losers. Keep a weak hand with a small chance of winning in your hands, then it pays to insure your hand. Even if it is the ultimate decision of blackjack is mostly players, this option is very important. This option offers players the chance to finish the game with half of the original bet.

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